Submission Instruction

Prospective authors are invited to submit original technical papers, for publication in the conference proceedings and for presentation during the conference.

Paper Format

Please use paper Template (Click here to download the Template:Template-IEEE and . All papers should be no less than 4 pages (≥4)in length.

Final Submission Requirements

One regular registration can cover a paper within FIVE pages, including all figures, tables, and references. Each paper is limited to 5 pages of A4 paper, and the system will accept the paper file with no more than 8 pages. An additional fee of 375 RMB per page will be charged in excess of 5 pages.

Type setting
Papers can be prepared with MS Word and LaTeX. Due to the tight time for publishing the conference proceedings, the author is requested to arrange the papers in strict accordance with the specifications in the template, so as to reduce the time delay caused by the repeated modification due to the unqualified layout. For papers that still fail to meet the requirements after several revisions, the conference has the right to exclude them from the conference proceedings.

Files uploading
Please upload a PDF file and a MS Word file or LaTeX file of the paper. Please make sure that the PDF file is consistent with the provided source file and confirm that the submitted latex source files can be compiled independently.

Submission Method

Submit your full paper or abstract directly to Electronic Submission System.

The conference secretary will assign a Paper ID to the submission from within three working days. To ensure receipt of all correspondence from the conference, please add as acceptable emails to receive.

Special Reminder

AIMERA 2024 encourages authors to invite foreign authors as co-authors of contribution, developing national academic communication, promoting the in-depth development of scientific research.

Important Dates

Full Paper Submission Date: 2024-02-28;
Notification of Acceptance Date: 2024-03-01;
Final Paper Submission Date: 2024-03-31.

Registration Fee

Registration TypesRegistration Fee
Participant with one paper (Students and IEEE Members)600USD / 3800RMB 500 USD / (3400RMB)
Additional Paper(s) (Students and IEEE Members)550USD/3400RMB 500USD/(3200RMB)
Participant without papers (Students and IEEE Members)350USD/2000RMB 250 USD / (1500RMB)
Invited SpeakerFree
Additional Page (Up to 5 extra pages)60USD/One Page,350 RMB / page
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