The program committee of AIMERA 2024 would like to invite those working in areas related to advanced information technology, mechanical engineering, robotics and automation to submit full paper or abstract, which will be presented as either oral or poster at the conference.

Submissions will be double blind peer reviewed by experts in the field, and accepted full paper after registration and presentation will be published in the conference proceedings.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Topic 1:Information Technology and Computer Science

Management Information SystemsDistributed Computer System
Computer Networks and Communication
Information Storage
Trusted Computing and Fault-Tolerant Computing
Operating System
Software Engineering
Information Security
Web Technology
Intelligent System Design
Intelligent Decision Support
Electronic and Embedded Systems
Computational Methods and Algorithms
Data and Signal Processing
Communication and Networking
Big Data

Topic 2: Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical System
Sensor and Detection Technology
Mechanical Design and optimization methodology
Mechanism design and applications
Industrial Design and Manufacturing
Intelligent Optimization Design
Advanced Manufacturing Production
Automobile Engineering
Industrial Engineering & Management
Instruments and Apparatuses
Sensor Research

Topic 3: Robot and Control

Micro robots and micro-manipulation
Rehabilitation robotics
Robotics and Automation
Intelligent Robot
Artificial Intelligence
Neural Networks and Deep Learning
Intelligent Perception and Information Fusion
Pattern Recognition
Computer Vision and Image Processing
Nonlinear Systems and Control
Robot Control and Control System
Fault Diagnosis and Reliable Control
Automatic Control Systems
Signal Processing and Big Data
Intelligent Manufacturing and Industrial Intelligence
Embedded System
Human-Computer Interaction
Machine Learning
Intelligent Transportation Logistics
Machine Vision
Control Theory
Rigid-flexible coupled robots
Mobile robotics
Medical robots and bio-robotics
Control Science and Engineering
Nonlinear systems
Sensor network systems
Precision motion control
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Topic 4: Modeling and Simulation

Modeling and Intelligent Control
Modeling and Simulation Technology
Modeling and identification
Complex Systems Modeling and Simulation
Simulation Optimization
Mathematical Modelling
Dynamic Modelling
Finite Element Theory
Vehicle Dynamic Performance Simulation
Computer Aided Geometry Design and Simulation
Distributed Simulation

Topic 5: Rolling Technology

Pressure Processing Technology
Cold Rolling
Rolling Equipment
Rolling Process Control
Rolling Theory

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